AKS Heat Transfer Benelux

AKS Heat Transfer UK successfully completes the total re-tube of a Serck Como MSF 150-3 fresh water generator, in all AKS Heat Transfer UK supplied and installed a total of 1862 new tubes, the work was undertaken by a team of 3 men within a total of 8 days.

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AKS completes order for 6 new RNB tube plates

AKS completes order for 6 new RNB tube plates 1240 x 650 x 26mm with 2340 tube holes and 84 bolt holes for new client in Germany. For tube heat exchangers, please give us a call or contact us via our enquiry form to speak with our dedicated customer services team with your requirements.

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AKS completes Nexen Oil & Gas project

AKS Heat Transfer wins order to refurbish 10 large pressure motor air coolers from the Buzzard Platform North Sea. Nexen Oil & Gas International required a specialist company to refurbish 10 high pressure motor air coolers fitted to their production high pressure compressors located in the Buzzard platform in the North Sea UK, they required […]

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AKS completes BAE Systems contract

AKS Heat Transfer returns 4 completely refurbished “Serck Heat Transfer” shell & Tube heat exchangers back to BAE systems Ltd, the coolers was totally re-tubed using 70/30 Copper Nickel tubes and the complete cooler’s was pre-conditioned with film protection against premiture failure in sea water working conditions, all coolers was fully pressure tested and works […]

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