Aqua Safe – The Worlds #1 Marine Descaling Solution

Aqua Safe is an effective descaling solution that is potable water approved.

It effectively removes water scale from water-cooled marine equipment on all types of vessels.

Aqua Safe Descaler is classified UL certified NSF/ANSI 60.

Aqua Safe Descaler is safe on steel, stainless steel, iron, brass, copper, plastic, rubber, and other materials found in most water-cooled, heated, or operated equipment. It is the perfect solution for water heat exchangers, tankless hot water heaters, coolers, pumps, boilers, compressors, condensers, extruders, moulds, cooling towers, furnaces, water piping systems, and other waterside heat exchange surfaces.

Available quantities – 5L, 25L, 60L, 210L, 1000L, 1250L

Dynamic Descaler – The Worlds #1 Descaling Solution

Dynamic Descaler has the lowest corrosive rate on the market. It does not pit, erode or have any other harmful effects on; STEEL, IRON, COPPER, PLASTIC, PVC, TITANIUM and many other metals and materials. In addition, it does not damage metals or materials found in water-cooled systems or equipment.

Dynamic Descaler is used on Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Boiler, Furnaces, Cooling Tower Fills, Piping, and other Water-Cooled Equipment. You can clean your equipment in-situ (and sometimes without even shutting down the machine).

Available quantities – 5L, 25L, 60L, 210L, 1000L, 1250L