Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger On-board & On-site Retubing

AKS Heat Transfer International Marine Division provides a complete re-tubing service for all types and makes of shell & tube heat exchangers using materials to original specification untilsing procedures and machinery specifically developed AKS Heat Transfer Ltd

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Pre-conditioning and Film Protection

Serck COMO MSF 150-3 totally retubed by AKS Heat Transfer Ltd, International Marine Division on vessel during sailing.

AKS Heat Transfer International Marine Division introduce a new service to pre-condition new, repaired, refurbished and shell & tube heat exchangers/coolers to produce a pre in-stallment film protection to guard against premiture failure and give longevity to your air coolers.

Service/Repair & Refurbish Shell Tube Heat Exchangers/ Condensers

Steam condenser full service & clean in-situ, re-built with new gaskets sets and fully pressure tested.

Servicing & Repair

Shell & tube heat exchangers and condenser’s undergo a full service including de-assemble, cleaning (Ultrasonically, chemically or mechanically) inspection, re-assemble with new gasket sets and warn parts and pressure test.

Refurbishment / Re-tube

Units completely re-tubed to original specification or higher, tube plates baffles and shell also replaced when required. Work can be undertaken in our works, on-site or on board vessel to meet your requirements


Tube nests re-furbished in our works, all materials to original specification with huge cost and time savings against new units.

Spares Shell Tube Heat Exchangers/ Condensers


A large selection of spares, complete units and exchange units available for many types and makes of marine heat exchangers ex-stock, obsolete spares can be fabricated from drawings, pattern or survey on your vessel/site.

A large selection of tubes in a variety of materials, sizes and types available in plain, Intergron and ’u’ tubes all tubes come with full material certification.