Manufacturing diesel engine generator radiators

AKS diesel engine and generator radiators A range of standard block type or heavy-duty tailor made or direct replacement radiators to meet exacting requirement’s using conventional cooling elements or AKS Superfin copper or aluminium fins with variable surface area’s available. In choosing a replacement radiator manufactured by AKS you have selected a product of the highest quality, manufactured from design, drawings, pattern or on-site survey.

In addition to our own stringent test procedures, AKS radiators are fully pressure tested and can include backed-up by classification test certification in conjunction with Lloyds Register or other classification society as required.










Selection of replacement standard duty radiators can be manufactured from drawings, pattern or site survey, fitted with conventional cooling cores of copper and brass with carbon steel headers and side frames.

 Direct replacement & new heavy duty genset radiators

Heavy duty radiators using our AKS Superfin manufactured from a mixture of Cooper, Brass, CuNi, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Carbon Steel dependant of the environment and working conditions, units capable of working too much higher temperatures and pressure’s than conventional radiators all fully pressure tested before despatch.

Heavy duty radiators using our AKS Superfin manufactured with all wetted parts of stainless steel, aluminium AKS Superfins and carbon steel panels, coolers fully in-house tested before despatch.





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