AKS Range of Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers design to provide thermally efficient solutions for most HVAC or process applications, all AKS plate heat exchangers offers many built-in design features for performance and ease of maintenance.


Compact Design – Reduction in weight and dimension’s due to high heat transfer capabilities.

Minimised Fouling – Due to optimal coverage over plate providing an even flow avoiding cold spots enabling turbulent flow over plate.

Close Approach Temperatures  – Due to large surface areas not available in Shell & Tube heat exchangers.

Easy Installation – Compact design allows for easy installation and maintenance.

Inspection and Maintenance – Easy inspection and maintenance can be undertaken within the footprint of the heat exchanger.

Easy up – Grading – AKS PHE’s can be easily upgraded to meet further expansions.

Plates – AKS plates can be 304-316 stainless steel or titanium.

Gaskets – A selection of high quality gasket material is available including NBR, EPDM & Viton.



Hot Water Heating – Plate heat exchangers are ideally suited for domestic hot water services in hospitals, hotels, leisure centres, prisons, military bases and production facilities.

Process Hot Water – Where large or small amounts of instantaneous hot water is required for food processing water, waste down applications and production facilities without the need to store large quantities of water.

Heat Recovery – Maximising heat recovery from waste energy.

Oil Cooling & Heating – Ideal for process oil cooling and pre-heaters.

Swimming Pool Heating – Used to supply and maintain pools to required temperatures.

Engine Coolers – Jacket engine water coolers and lub oil coolers

District Heating Systems – When large quantities of hot water are required for heating and process services.

Chemical, Oil & Gas – Plate heat exchangers are ideally suited for many processes within the chemical, Oil & Gas industries.


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