Charge Air Cooler Refurbishment

Save £000s by refurbishment and add years of service life to your block type air cooler, AKS have developed a procedure to extend the working life of your leaking charge air coolers and maintain the efficiency of the original cooler.

This service is only available from AKS Heat Transfer International Marine Division.

Direct Replacement Mitsubishi Charge Air Cooler

Charge Air Coolers

The refurbishment process involves re-lining all the tubes with a new tube inserted inside the original tube, expanding down the full length of the liner tube to make a full mechanical bond with the original tube therefore adding wall thickness to the original tube and solving any leaks and removing any thinning of the original tube wall. All coolers are fully tested and come with Lloyds Register certification as standard.

Brittany Ferries on-board there flag ship vessel M/V “PONT AVEN” suffered main engine MAK 12V43 Charge Air Cooler failure and was advised they needed to purchase 2 new replacement coolers costing 39,660 Euro’s each, having contacted AKS Heat Transfer about the new system developed to refurbish this type of cooler Brittany Ferries saved over 60% of the cost of new coolers and reduced the delivery date by 4 weeks.

A further main engine MAK 6V43 air cooler from there vessel M/V ” MONT ST MICHEL” has received this process with a further saving of 60% when compared to the cost of a new replacement charge air cooler.

Most types and makes of marine main engine charge air coolers can undergo this process,contact our international marine division today to discuss your air cooler problems.

The refurbishment process developed by AKS Heat Transfer International Marine Division proves a great success.

Service & Repair Charge Air Coolers

Often working in a hostile and demanding environment charge air coolers periodically require a comprehensive service to return the unit back to full operating condition, with excellence and innovation at the forefront at our service centre we specialise in servicing all types and makes of charge air cooler.

Service includes, de-assemble unit, ultrasonic cleaning, inspection, re-assemble using new gasket set and replacement of warn or damaged parts, pressure test to specification and repair if required ready for re-installation on vessel.

As with all AKS products and services a full quotation is submitted for approval before any work commences.

Charge Air Cooler Pre-conditioning and Film Protection

AKS Heat Transfer International Marine Division introduce a new service to pre-condition new, repaired, refurbished and cleaned air coolers to produce a pre in-stallment film protection to guard against premiture failure and give longevity to your air coolers.

Global Supply & Installation Service Charge Air Coolers

  1. AKS awaiting vessel docking in port (Malta) ready to supervise installation of new charge air cooler tube nest
  2. Preparing removal of old charge air cooler tube nest
  3. Air Cooler removed from situ
  4. Air cooler housing prepared for air cooler new tube nest
  5. New air cooler tube nest transferred to engine room
  6. End covers fitted to new tube nest
  7. Alignment of tube nest ready for installation
  8. New air cooler installed and ready for start-up

Spare Parts & Stock Charge Air Coolers

Ready for shipping

A large range of spare’s for most makes & models including

  • Gasket Sets
  • End Covers
  • Fixings
  • Side Panels and Housings
  • Complete Tube Nests
  • Service Exchange Air Coolers

Like all heat exchangers or services supplied by AKS our spare parts are original or to original standards and come with a full guarantee from AKS.