Extended surface heat exchangers, coolers & coil repairs & servicing

High Pressure Motor Coolers Buzzard Platform North Sea

A extended surface heat exchangers example of high pressure motor air cooler weighting in excess of 2.5 tons boxed ready to return to North Sea platform.

AKS Heat Transfer was contacted by Whittaker Engineering on behalf on Nexen Petroleum (UK) and asked to quote for the retubing of a high pressure motor air cooler, because of the speed of turn around and quality of product AKS was choosen to re-furbish a further 9 coolers using alternative materials to extend the life of the coolers.

 Whittaker Engineering

“AKS adapted to suit our requirements both in quicker deliveries required and in the use of non-standard materials in the coolers, this never affected the turn around and the end result all coolers were refurbished, pressure tested and then performed successfully

Nexen Inc International Oil & Gas

Executive Vice President Matt Fox

“Please thank the team who got the HP compressor back so quickly”

Buzzard Facilites Superviser Ron Walton

“Thanks very much in recognition of this task. The job was done in a very timely way with help from both onshore and teams offshore, most importantly it was done in a safe and professional manner, this recognition from senior management is to be rolled out to all involved”.

Extended Surface Heat Exchangers Coolers & Coils

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V Cooler with frost damage repaired onsite

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