AKS Heat Transfer’s International Marine Division provides our clients with a full range of products and services working closely with the ships Superintendent’s/Managers in our works, onboard your vessel, or in conjunction with the ship yard. Boasting many major marine clients, whether you’re an owner/manager of a small or large fleet consisting of container ships, tankers, bulkers, cruise ships, merchant or military fleets, AKS operates on a global basis and has a solution for you.

We are the world’s leading innovator in the service, repair, refurbishment, direct replacement and new marine charge air coolers, shell & tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger & extended surface heat exchangers, with many specialist products and services developed by and exclusively available from AKS Heat Transfer’s International Marine Division, We also stock many materials especially for the marine industry so we can react to meet your needs in a timely and cost effective manner.