Radiator Cleaning

Radiators are steam cleaned internally, externally and assessed for any internal blockages.

Radiator Testing

Radiators are pressure-tested using air under water to locate any leaks and the general condition of radiator.

AKS Heat Transfer - Heat Exchanger Servicing & Repair Specialists
AKS Heat Transfer - Heat Exchanger Servicing & Repair Specialists
Mobile Plant Radiator - AKS Heat Transfer - Heat Exchanger Servicing & Repair Specialists

Radiator Repairs

Repairs are undertaken by our own skilled staff and can involve repairs to cores, tube to plate joints, header tanks and gaskets.

Radiator Overalls

Radiator overalls involve the removal of tanks, re-soldering of all tube-to-tube plate joints and re-fitting of tanks using new gaskets or soldered joints.

Radiator Re-Coring

Radiators when not repairable are re-cored using the best suited core from the range of cores available from AKS. Radiators are re-cored re-using tanks and side panels, bringing the unit back to as-new condition. All radiators are fully tested before leaving AKS workshops.

Radiator Spares

AKS offer a full range of radiator spares for most types and makes, from direct replacement complete units, radiator cores, gaskets sets, header tanks, supports and pressure caps.

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