About This Project

We were contacted by the ships manager of a UK based ship management company to manufacture a replacement charge air cooler for the main engine on one of their ships which was docked in Singapore.

The shipping management company had a charge air cooler in place, however it had failed due to leaking tubes. Therefore, they sent us the manufacturing specifications for a new unit to be made as a replacement.

What We Did

We used historical records to find previous 3D drawings that we had put together for the same ship management company. We used these manufacturing drawings, from units we had supplied in the past for a sister vessel, as the basis for the manufacture of this new unit.

Once the quote was accepted and the drawings approved, we began to manufacture the new unit, which included:

  • A new tube nest made from 90/10 Cupro-Nickel
  • Tube plates made from RNB (rolled naval brass)
  • Copper superfins
  • Carbon steel side panels

We then assembled the unit and pressure tested it to specification. This was witnessed and given Lloyds final approval.


We manufactured the unit on time and to budget. The unit was then transported to Singapore and fitted by the ships engineers.

Charge Air Cooler for Ships Main Engine

Overview 3D Mockup of Unit

Charge Air Cooler for Ships Main Engine

Unit During Assembly

Charge Air Cooler for Ships Main Engine

Unit During Pressure Testing