About This Project

In summer 2019 we we received an enquiry from a UK based data centre. They had run some tests on their current cooling system and sent us some data with the purpose of manufacturing a brand new heat exchanger to cool their standby generator.

Project Background

The purpose of the heat exchanger was to go inside a remote container to cool jacket water and charge air cooler water. It needed to be a free-standing (on a frame) double radiator with fan-assisted cooling, vented to the outside of the container. The finished unit had to be a specific size in order to fit in a container based remotely.

The specification given to us was as follows:

  • Radiator for: (2000kVA / 1600kWe Prime) (2200kVA / 1760kWe Standby) Rated 400v/ 50Hz Diesel Generator.
  • Mitsubishi S16R-F1PTAW2 Diesel Engine coupled to a Leroy Somer LSA52.3-S6 Alternator included.
  • The radiator is to be horizontal (electric driven) and fit inside a 40ft container (flush fitting in the roof) rated at 80dBA @ 1mtr.

What We Did

Once we had our quote accepted, we created a 3D mockup of the unit using specialist software that we use to design our units. These drawings were then approved and the manufacturing process began.

We manufacture all our own parts in house, including the following:

  • Aluminium fins produced by our in-house fin line production machine
  • Tube plates manufactured on a CNC machine
  • Copper tubes cut to size
  • Steel framework produced by laser cutting and CNC folding

The individual parts were then assembled and pressure tested to a specified pressure.


We delivered the finished units to the client earlier than the date they specified. The units were then installed by the client themselves and are now in-situ and working as expected.

Standby Generator Remote Cooling System

Overview 3D Mockup of Unit

Standby Generator Remote Cooling System

Completed Unit Ready for Delivery