About This Heat Exchanger Project

We partner with a multi-national company to provide bespoke heat exchangers, along with servicing, cleaning and any breakdown requirements. This particular client contacted us to discuss the manufacture of another brand new air-blast cooler for their new water cooling application.

When we met with our client, they told us of their desire to form a long-term relationship with a heat exchange expert who could provide ongoing manufacturing and servicing of heat exchangers for them as their manufacturing business grew.

In order to meet their demands, they told us they needed an industry expert who was not only reliable, but delivered high quality heat exchange applications both to technical specification and specific timescales.

What We Did

In the past we have already provided over 30 new units for this client. Their most recent requirement was for AKS to manufacture a brand-new air-blast cooler to be integrated into their new water cooling system.

To meet the clients needs, we did the following:

  • The first step was to meet with the client and for them to give us their performance requirements for the new air-blast cooler.
  • We then went away and produced a thermal design to demonstrate the working capacity of this new heat exchanger.
  • After that we produced our internal 3D model design to ensure we manufactured the unit to the clients specification.
  • We sent the client a full quotation and datasheet based on our thermal drawing and 3D model design, which the client was happy with.
  • We constructed the majority of the unit in high grade (316L) stainless steel, including the tubes, casing and headers. The fins were made using aluminium on our fin press line.
  • Our engineers then assembled all the parts to form the complete unit, including the addition of Atex rated fans.
  • The unit was then fully pressure tested to the required specifications. We also tested the fans to ensure they operated correctly.
  • We delivered the fully assembled unit to the client along with a certificate of conformity. The client then integrated the heat exchanger into their system.
Remote Air Blast Cooler - Extended Surface Heat Exchanger by AKS Heat Transfer

Air blast cooler during construction

Remote Air Blast Cooler - Extended Surface Heat Exchanger by AKS Heat Transfer

The Outcome

As always, the client was happy with the quality and turnaround time of this project. We have worked with this company for many years and have a great working relationship. The new unit met all the requirements for their brand new water cooling system.

If you are interested in something similar to this, please get in touch. Units like this can be manufactured and delivered within an 8-12 week timeframe depending on factors such as workload and supply of materials.

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Heat exchanger aluminium fins during manufacture

Remote Air Blast Cooler - Extended Surface Heat Exchanger by AKS Heat Transfer

Completed unit ready for transit