About This Project

We received an enquiry from an engineering services company based in Aberdeen, Scotland, to test and inspect a refrigerant condenser. The condenser was from a North Sea oil rig, and upon inspection we found that the end covers, which were made from carbon steel and rubber lined, had corroded due to the rubber lining failing.

What We Did

We cleaned the whole unit both internally and externally, before manufacturing replacement end covers using RNB (rolled naval brass). This included:

  • Taking all dimensions from old end caps
  • Transferred information to our 3D design software
  • Took all information and loaded it into our CNC drilling machine, which we used to drill and mill the end caps with a tolerance of 0.01mm
  • Fitting the new end caps to pressure test
  • A protective coating is applied once all testing is complete


We manufactured the unit on time and to budget. The unit was then transported back to Aberdeen. The companies engineers then put the refurbished refrigerant condenser back in place.

3D Mockup of Unit

Refrigerant Condenser for North Sea Oil Rig

Unit Delivered to Us

Refrigerant Condenser for North Sea Oil Rig

Old End Cap & New End Cap

Refrigerant Condenser for North Sea Oil Rig

Refurbished Unit, Ready to Ship